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Power shedding in South Africa affects all of us

Hi, the electricity supply in South Africa is hard pushed to supply the country and as a result, ESKOM enforces load shedding at certain times for the entire country. This means that they cut off electrical supply at any time including over weekends to enable them to store up on electricity . We do not know when this will happen and are thus always prepared. Sani Lodge Backpackers installed a generator years ago when this load shedding was at is peak, to enable guests to have light in the Lodge at night, to enable laundry to be washed and dried and to pump water from our stream into the Lodge tanks . There are gas or solar geysers to supply hot showers and gas stoves to cook on. We are thus prepared to ensure that guests are not discomforted by these power cuts. Using a hair dryer, charging a phone and internet access are the only areas not available during load shedding.

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