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Africa is a CONTINENT , not a country – common first world misbelief!

Africa is a  CONTINENT and not a country….. A COMMON , FIRST WORLD MISBELIEF!!
Africa is an enormous continent stretching 11840 kilometres north to south from Tunis ( Tunisia) to Cape Town (South Africa) . Ebola was discovered in West Africa in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. There are travellers and travel agents in Europe ,the Western World and Far East ,under the misconception that Africa is a ‘ country’ and that if they travel anywhere in this ‘country’ , they are at risk of catching Ebola. For those misled and ignorant folk, the fact is ,that anybody residing in Europe is much closer to the source of Ebola in West Africa ,than if they visit South Africa, where there is no Ebola. So no need for hysteria when planning your holiday to South Africa………

Rabat (Morocco) – Cadiz ( Spain) = 395 kms
Rabat – Madrid ( Spain)= 974 kms
Rabat – Paris( France) = 2226 kms
Rabat – London ( UK) = 2669 kms
Tunis – Sicily = 487 kms
Tunis – Rome ( Italy) = 1295 kms
Tunis – Cape Town ( South Africa) 11840 kms
Freetown( Sierra Leone) – London ( UK) =6753 kms
Freetown(Sierra Leone) – Munich ( Germany) = 6845 kms
Freetown(Sierra Leone) – Cape Town( South Africa) – 9553 kms

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