The Giant’s Cup Cafe and Crafts was originally started in August 1997 by Simone and Russell. The building was originally the workshop of Mokhotlong Mountain Transport and the garage part was named Giant’s Cup Motors started by David Alexander in 1955 and right up to 1997, remained a workshop for fixing landrovers owned by Sani Pass Tours. The entire building was divided by an internal wall, with the restaurant occupying one side. The old tool room was converted into a kitchen and a section added on to increase the size of the kitchen. There was an old trading store at the entrance to the restaurant which was converted into the Crafts section in 1997. All the high and small workshop windows were removed and replaced with large meranti windows to allow light to filter into the building. The old floors had decades of grime and grease stamped into them necessitating several layers of thick concrete and plastic before the cypress wooden floor boards could be put down. It was a large and costly job to convert the old building into something useful and looking at today, belies all the resources poured into it over the years. A previous owner of the property had built a small holding dam nearby, the wall of which doubled as a bridge to access the other side of the property. This dam wall eventually collapsed under the sheer force of floods after torrential rains, leaving a gaping hole and flooding the entire restaurant and craft shop after the expensive cypress floors had been laid! All of the tables and chairs in the restaurant are hand made from pine giving a rustic, homely feel. The glass front fireplace adds to the cosy ambience in winter.
THE CURRENT COFFEE LOUNGE now resides in the section of the building that was previously for the table tennis table and overflow for large group meals. Guests staying at Sani Lodge or visiting the Cafe and Craft shop may enjoy their eats and tea / coffee sitting on the comfortable armchairs or at a table. There are local works of art on the walls as well as a detailed history of the Sani Pass, thanks to Mary Alexander , who provided us with photographs of her husband David’s adventures driving the Pass back in the 50’s. A step back in time indeed. The indigenous plant nursery opens up onto this room bringing light and warmth all year round.