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Simone has been stocking the Giant’s Cup Cafe and Crafts with Fair Trade Certified and Organic goods for several years now.Fair Trade tourism products such as accommodation , foods and crafts is a pretty much unknown concept to the majority of South Africans despite being around for a very long time in the rest of the world. We hope to do our bit to promote the concept of responsible travel by educating the public at large via our website , blog , presence at the Travel Indaba show in Durban , newspaper and magazine articles and providing information in our own Lodge and Craft shop. Three years ago, we teamed together with 8 other Fair Trade Certified businesses in South Africa to produce a Fair Trade Travel Pass .

Fair Trade spices have some degree of exposure at the popular retail outlet of Woolworths, but generally foodstuffs and crafts are few and far between and exported to the foreign market, which has been long since been educated on the origin of the Fair Trade label .In European supermarkets, there are whole sections devoted to Fair Trade goods for people with a conscience to purchase.

So, despite South Africa being way behind in this department, Sani Lodge and The Giant’s Cup are doing their bit to give exposure to locally produced goods and goods produced in other parts of Africa that fit the Fair Trade label. A wide range of 100% Arabica Fair Trade Certified Coffees as well as Fair Trade Green Tea are available. Also on sale are many varieties of 100% organic Rooibos tea plain and naturally flavoured . Rooibos tea is made from Aspalathus linearis which is a naturally growing bush found nowhere else on earth except in South Africa and has the following properties; has no caffeine, is low in tannins,is rich in minerals and high in anti-oxidants,is not genetically modified. Honeybush tea , another South African tea contains no additives,has no colourants,is not genetically modified,is recommended for calming the central nervous system and contains anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory qualities.
There is only one kind of chocolate produced in South Africa that is Fair Trade certified ……any guesses? Well, we stock it.

So far Simone has only found one craft producer of Fair Trade Certified goods based in South Africa ; Nobunto, which produces beautiful hand crafted candles and earrings from recycled Nespresso caps. So why not pop into the Giant’s Cup Cafe during your stay at Sani Lodge or in one of our family cottages and check out all of these products.

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