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WIFI Fair Usage Policy Sani Lodge
This is Africa! The rural Internet connections here are not at the level you are used to, simply because of the geological situation of the Lodge in the mountains . It is much slower, but the absolute best available on offer in this valley and only works when there are cellphone comms. Electricity supply in South Africa is erratic and each time there is a local power cut by ESKOM or due to a summer storm or winter snowfall, the landline and cellphone networks ( MTN and VODACOM) shut down for days afterwards, as there is no battery backup for them. So when WIFI is not working, it is most likely due to cellphone networks being down or because the monthly quota of 20 gigabytes has been used up by a person abusing the free service which sadly does happen! We increased the monthly quota from 10 to 20 gigabytes and can monitor usage as it happens. If anyone abuses the system, they will be caught red handed ! However, if you are considerate of other guests who would like to use WIFI by adhering to the following guidelines, then you may use this free service.

If you want to do bigger stuff that is not possible at Sani Lodge, you will find places in Underberg town offering ADSL WIFI.

1)We want you to stay connected, but please refrain from video-skyping, facetime video etc. and use only voice services
2)Social networks are ok but do not download/upload unnecessary media files
3)Do not download system or other software updates.
4)NO YouTube please
5)Watch your dropbox folders, do not transfer big files
6)No downloading movies
7)Do not use peer-to-peer networks to download stuff. Besides it being mostly illegal it really stuffs up our speed.
8)Get your emails as often as you like
9)The wireless system allows 8 devices at any time ONLY. Please log out when you do not need to use it.
10)Please only use 1 personal device if you see people around you needing access. Log off your phone, tablet etc when not in use.
Thank you for being considerate of others !

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