Family Literacy Project Library report by Phumy Zikodekwapitela school library literacy programme report photos 2015
January to June 2015
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It has been a busy time with lots of fun and reading in our four building libraries, and six box libraries. Children are enjoying themselves doing different activities like playing puzzles, toys, ball, bicycles, listening to stories every day. In addition to our four libraries, we were asked to take over the administration and provide ongoing support to Kwapitela library, which has become so popular. During the last holiday programme, it was unbelievable when +- 80 children came to attend holiday programmes. We make it a rule to read stories to children every day in the library and encourage them to borrow books to read with their families at homes.
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Holiday programmes
In our five building libraries, every term, we run a day workshop with library assistants and coordinators. After each holiday we run another workshop to find out what worked well, what problems they encounter during holidays. Many children have been attending holiday programmes.

So far these are the following activities they made in their libraries:

Bunny mask Paper plate weaving
Elephant Owl hand warmer
Doll Crochet Flower Bracelet
Bottle fish Brooch
Egg flower Eco Green Tea Light Holder
Pomp pomp Tangrams

During the holidays, coordinators visit all libraries to support library assistants during holiday programmes. Children of different ages attend the holiday programmes. It is difficult to handle the vast numbers of children attending the programmes, that is why coordinators are helping in the libraries.

Library displays
Library assistants are responsible for changing displays at least monthly. They visit the local school to find out what themes they are using so that they can build a display in the library on the theme.

Every week people from the community come to read newspapers in the library. Coordinators and library assistants make sure that they get new newspaper every week. The popular newspaper are Isolezwe, Ilanga and Nal’ibali supplements. Adults really enjoy reading newspaper and before they leave library they are encouraged to look for the books to read to their children at home.

Road to reading maps
We run the road to reading map for foundation phase children. After they finish a certain number of books, they receive a prize. Children in grade 1 and 2 read 5 books and start to get prizes, grade 3 and 4 have to read 10 book and then start to get a prize for every additional book read. The number of books read is increasing every month as a result of this.

New books
We are so lucky to get donations of books from different people. UKZN donated adult books which made a big change in our libraries as we didn’t have enough isiZulu books. Adults are so happy with these books. We also get donations from Generation Joy. These are wonderful children’s books although they are in English those who find it difficult to read English enjoy to look at the pictures and most of books have sounds. Fundza also donated books for teenagers and they enjoy them so much.

Phumy Zikode
(FLP Library Coordinator)