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What is y SANI LODGE BACKPACKERS AND DRAKENSBERG ADVENTURES most significant achievement in reducing poverty in the local community?
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Our most significant achievements have been as follows;
• Successfully involving as broad a segment of the local community on both sides of the border in tourism as possible.
• improving overall living conditions within communities through equitable distribution of funds from grassroots tourism that empowers stakeholders has been achieved using the model of payment for services rendered .
• Proving that rural, impoverished Basotho communities are open to the concept of hosting and providing services to tourists in their own homes, and understanding that their culture is of value to tourists. The manner in which tourists are engaged is purely on Basotho terms with no imposition of ‘western ways ensuring respect between stakeholders, ourselves as partners and tourists leading to sustainable grass roots tourism that has provided a reliable source of income . 71 families are involved as service providers to these tours .No 10 Riverside run by Me Nkune, our oldest Basotho stakeholder, was awarded second best homestay in Lesotho by Lesotho Tourism .We set aside R15pp which goes into a fund to assist Mphere and Ha Tseko primary schools for new classrooms
• Kwapitela primary school;103 volunteers via our teaching English volunteering programme have improved English and learner’s confidence. The library edutainer we facilitated has had a significant impact on learners, teachers and local community.
• Khomani Bushmen Kalahari; our vision of ancient rock art creating awareness and supporting current needs of existing communities have been realised by R20 620 being set aside for funding of classrooms of new school within the community and heritage days.
• We have liased with local taxi operators to expand their business by fetching and carrying our guests.
• We employed and trained 12 full time staff offering education fund for children, annual bonus , accommodation , fair wages, work incentives.
• We use the services of 12 freelance tour guides

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