1)The teacher will decide whether you will take grade 4 or grade 5 for your two and a half hours. Your role will be to read English books to the children and to give them the chance to also read to you . This will help expand their confidence and vocabulary and improve their understanding and pronunciation.

2)Introduce yourself and write your name on the board or on paper. Tell the children where you are from and show them on a map in the classroom or on your cellphone or iPad. Also explain how your country differs to South Africa and encourage conversation. Starting off with a song you know from your country is a real ice breaker and then ask the children to sing one of their own songs.

3)Take the grade 4 or 5 children to the library for you to read a story in English slowly and clearly, from a suitable age appropriate level book with pictures. Discuss the book topic, pictures, ask lots of questions so the children interact and do not become bored. Let the children ask questions if they do not understand a word. Take short breaks every half hour for the children to stretch.

4)Paired reading – one on one reading of English books with each volunteer and the child. Adult starts off reading the story and then encourages the child to read either the next word, sentence or page . Show how to read from left to right with the finger under each word of each sentence when adult reads as well as when child reads.
– let each child take a book from the non-fiction side and ask each child to read aloud to you as you sit next to them. The other children must know that they need to be quiet in a library except for the child reading.

-Alternatively take books from the classroom box to read to the children. Some of the book titles have several copies so each child can follow the same story and take turns reading a sentence out loud.