Waste Separation and recycling has always been going on at Sani Lodge Backpackers. The new green recycling bins are now in two central areas outdoors with reflective signs ;PLASTIC, GLASS, PAPER AND CARDBOARD, CANS, NON-RECYCLABLE WASTE ( which means anything that does not fall into the other categories – and is not a trick question!) PLEASE HELP US – READ ON !The waste from these bins is separated further in our recycling shed into tetrapak, silver foil, bottle tops, polystyrene from vegetable and meat wrapping, boses, plastic packets, glass jars with lids ( sterilised and used for packing homemade jams), glass bottles ( returnable to seller), PET bottles crushed and bundled, cans crushed and bundled, polystyrene cups (used for growing iindigenous plant and vegetable seedlings), cardboard boxes( used for shopping trips to save on plastic bags and for storage of clean recyclable waste), metal besides aluminium cans. Food scraps are kept separate in lodge kitchens and items selected for our compost heap. Egg shells used for natural pest control in vegetable gardens, used tea bags dried in the sun and reused as fire lighters (yes now you now why there are tea bags drying outside !).This process minimises non-recyclable waste remaining which is then incinerated. Incidentally Sani Lodge pays R2546.70 in rates per month to the local Municipality for which we receive not one single service! Even our refuse is not collected by them. Consequently we are entirely responsible for our all of our own waste disposal so we desperately need guests to comply with our system. One way to help us would be to not leave so much rubbish behind but to take it to cities where waste disposal is taken care of. Additionally please do not leave ‘ disposable’ nappies behind. These are the worst and are misnamed as they are NOT disposable! We cannot incinerate them as they are wet and contain plastic which generates nasty fumes. They are a health hazard as they contain faecal matter – YUP NASTY!!. They cannot be buried as the plastic in them prevents decomposition. They are THE NIGHTMARE waste on this planet!!