Western ideology worships Greed for power and Greed for wealth. Look into the eyes of a such a practitioner. What do you see? Suffering, then coldness, and lastly an explicable void characterized by the absence of emotion and empathy.
Meet a person who does not subscribe to western values and study their eyes. What strikes you first is suffering, then an outline of vibrating warmth that caresses your soul and invites you to look deeper to find stillness, humility, joy, generosity of heart, wisdom, stories of life.
If you are living in a place where you cannot find this in anyone’s eyes, seek them out even if it means travelling far from home. You will be changed forever when you meet this person for you will have witnessed the Life of a person whose harmonious existence in nature pays respect to all life forms and when they come to the end of their days, will be mourned for their legacy. The demise of wealth and/or power accrued by one person for the sake of greed is mourned by no one ; it is echoed into the universe by rejoicing voices.