1. PREVENTION OF TRANSMISSION, we declare NO admission for guests and staff into any room, public area, restaurant, craft shop, without wearing a mandatory facemask.

2. PHYSICAL DISTANCING; NO to hugging or handshaking between staff and guests or between staff / guests from different groups and YES to maintaining a minimum of 2 metres space between people.

3. HANDWASHING AND SANITISER; NO entry into Lodge for guests and staff on arrival without scrubbing up and sanitising first. Staff are trained to do this when they arrive at work and before they begin working, before they enter each room and after exiting each room, before putting on gloves and after removal, before putting on PPE and after removal. We have removed hand towels from the public restrooms as these pose a health risk. Guests and staff are provided with liquid handsoap in refillable containers and an alcohol based medical sanitizer spray at key points in shared public areas and in private self-catering cottages.

4. ROOM KEYS ;These are sanitised after check out and before check in.

5. PPE; YES to staff being equipped with a washable three layered face mask, washable hand gloves, washable apron and washable rubber boots for their protection during cleaning of rooms and laundry.

6.CAPPING OCCUPANCY; NO to max capacity and YES to 50% maximum occupancy of dormitory rooms if guests are non-group/non-family members.

7.ROOM SERVICING; NO to daily servicing of rooms by staff during guest occupancy. If fresh towelS or more firewood is required for example, this may be requested from reception.

8.DECOR; NO to Extra cushions, throws and blankets – these have been removed from accommodation units to reduce surfaces in rooms.

9.GUEST ROLE;Guests are required to place the soiled top and bottom sheet, pillow cases and duvet covers from the beds they slept in as well as bath towels used during their stay, into a bag provided. We have repurposed old duvet covers as a washable bag for this as a way of preventing extreme waste of black plastic bags. The bag is then to be closed and placed outside the accommodation unit for laundry collection. This bag is washed each time along with the linen.

10. ROOM CLEANING AND SANITISATION;Rooms are left for 24 to 72 hours before staff enter to clean. This minimizes risk to our staff. Staff have been trained in new room cleaning standards.They undergo a thorough systematic cleaning process followed by sanitization. Rooms not in use are kept locked after cleaning.

 11. SIGNAGE; NO entry allowed into certain areas such as the Lodge laundry, storerooms, restaurant kitchen, other guest rooms, shared spaces designated for certain guests only. Guests are required to respect this.

12. STAFF HEALTH AND SAFETY; This is closely monitored and recorded and includes temperature taken when they report for duty. All staff have been trained and receive ongoing training regarding Covid-19.

13. GUEST INFORMATION; Guests are sent Sani Lodge Covid-19 compliance protocols and a declaration form by email to complete prior to arrival. Upon arrival we complete another form for each individual guest and take the temperature using an infra-red thermometer.

14. RESTAURANT ADAPTATIONS; Our restaurant and shop expects all staff and patrons to follow and respect the same Covid-19 guidelines including hand sanitization, social distancing, mask wearing, preference for outdoor meals  in the fresh air, reduced capacity inside the restaurant, plated meals as opposed to buffet style, a simplified menu on offer due to staff reduction, restricted opening hours, advance booking for breakfast and dinner, menu that is plastic sealed and sanitised after each use.

15. REFUSE;We ask that guests take their refuse with them instead of leaving it here as our waste recycling programme has had to be put on hold. Sifting and sorting waste will pose a high risk to staff health.


We adhere to our waste minimization policy as far as possible by saying ;

NO to disposable plastic aprons, gloves, facemasks, sanitiser wipes and shoe coverings and YES to replacing with washable PPE and spray hand and surface sanitizers.

NO to plastic waste from disposable laundry bags and YES to using repurposed, washable duvet covers to transport soiled linen from rooms.

NO to plastic takeaway coffee cups and YES to coffee cups and icecream containers that are 100% compostible.

NO to single use toiletries packaging and YES to reusable refillable plastic bottles for hand sanitiser spray, liquid handsoap, shower gel, hand lotion.

NO to chemicals used to clean that are detrimental to the health of our staff, guests or the environment and animals including bees and YES to safe, effective, non-hazardous disinfectants.

NO to hot wash and electricity wasting tumble driers and YES to cold wash that conserves electrical wastage and sanitising sunshine to dry laundry.

NO to paper towels in communal bathrooms that contribute to landfill for hand drying and YES to individual hand towel.

NO to recycled air from air conditioners and closed spaces and YES to being a nature based Lodge adjoining a World Heritage Site that allows for excellent airflow of high quality fresh unpolluted mountain air to ventilate all spaces during guest occupancy.