Sani Lodge Backpackers


Tourism can be a double-edged sword. It can bring tremendous benefit in different ways to communities – or it can lead to destruction of the very asset it was built around, to the detriment of communities. Drakensberg Adventures since its inception has always worked hard to try and ensure that the tours we set up are beneficial to communities. We have seen those providing services to the tours as partners, and have endeavored to treat them accordingly. We have gone about this firstly by educating people about tourism to enable them to see tourists as people rather than a source of funds! In setting up our various tours, we have been careful to ensure that the product is in harmony with the community and that as many people as possible see benefits from our tours. We also try to not set unrealistic expectations, so that the tours can be sustainable and the communities will feel that tourism is delivering benefits to them. These benefits are in terms of payments for services rendered and recognition of the importance of cultural practices. By going on one of our tours, you are not only getting a unique and unforgettable experience, you are also helping bring positive benefits (both financial and morale boosting) to local communities through tourism! Up to March 2020 over R6 million has flowed directly into the eastern highlands of Lesotho through our tours!