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    Finest quality ingredients, locally grown and organic.


    Stocking homemade treats, traditional African crafts and small souvenirs.



Sani Lodge is home to the Giant's Cup Café which is well known for wholesome, homemade goodness. Our policy is local procurement of South African foods, supporting local producers in our district as well as growing as many fruit and vegetables as we can in the summer months. This means that what you eat and drink in our restaurant directly supports all these producers and healthy motives. We also have our own small herd of Jersey cows, famous for their rich creamy milk.


Traditional Cooked / Continental. Homemade & locally sourced.

Traditional cooked

2 to 4 eggs, bacon, tomato, toast.

Farm goodness

Farm butter on home-baked bread.

Homemade jams

Made from fresh organic fruit grown in our orchard.


Our roasted muesli topped with yoghurt, our Jersey cow milk and fresh fruit. Muffins, home-baked health bread.


Baked for you at breakfast time.

Tea, Coffee & Fruit Juice

Served with tea or plunger coffee and fresh fruit juice.



Homemade & locally sourced where possible. Here are a few of the favorites.

Baked Cheesecake

Decadent and made with our Jersey milk cream cheese and butter.

Dutch Apple Pie

Made with fresh fruit from our own orchard.

Sweet Pancakes

Various fillings available. All served with fresh farm cream.


Two delicious scones served with rich cream and butter made from our own Jersey cows as well as homemade jam from our seasonal orchard.

Carbonara Pancakes

Two pancakes with a decadent savoury filling of bacon, heavy cream, paprika and green pepper.

Toasted Sandwiches

A variety of fillings available. Served with a side of salad.

Fair Trade Coffee

The usual suspects including Cappuccino and Caffe Latte.

Organic Teas

Rooibos, Chai Rooibos, Bourbon vanilla and Chamomile.


We offer a three course set menu every night. Dinner is served at 6.30pm. Please note that dinner must be booked in advance.


Homemade Ice Cream

The best ice cream you’ll ever taste is made from our own organic fresh cream.

Homemade Yoghurt

Using our own milk and probiotic cultures, our yoghurt is healthy and yummy.

Homemade German Jam Slice

Filled with our own organic jams made from fruit grown on our property.

Fair Trade Candles, Teas And Coffees

Proudly made in South Africa.

Books, Blankets and Bed Throws

Support local.

SimBergclay And Other Local Crafts

On-site pottery handmade from local clay by Simone into beautiful crafts and functional ware. Original paintings on display. Traditional African crafts from South Africa and nearby Lesotho. Great for gifts and souvenirs.

Homemade Jams

When the fruit ripens, our kitchen becomes a hive of activity with bubbling pots and a multitude of sterilized jars! Our jams contain nothing but fruit and sugar, with as much of the fruit as possible being homegrown. These include peaches, raspberries, plums, apples, blackberries and gooseberries.


Pure local honey.


We make our own dairy products including a very tasty Gouda, rich cream cheese, and delicious halloumi using our own organic milk.


A daily workshop based in the Craft shop building, available between 10 am and 4 pm and designed for family fun, groups and art therapy for all.

Select pieces of ceramic pottery that have been handmade by Simone on her potters wheel, choose your colours of underglaze and settle down to enjoy the space and time that has been carved out for you to tap into your creative inner. Many people are unaware that they have a creative side or they are filled with self doubt.

Art therapy is not about self-judgement. It fulfils an essential need for creative expression to mitigate against the mental and physical energy-sapping demands of this crazy fast paced world. Enjoy sitting indoors or in the garden. The restaurant offers food and drink to satiate your thirst or hunger whilst you paint.

Your painted pieces will be glaze fired afterwards, make lovely gifts for that special person in your life.

It is advisable for groups to book ahead with Simone.


Whichever method you choose, we will respond to you as quickly and informatively as possible.

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