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Sani Lodge Backpackers is situated at the foot of the legendary Sani Pass. This places us a mere 16 km from the South African border with Lesotho. We offer guided overnight hikes leaving from our doorstep within the Drakensberg World Heritage Site National Park. Let yourself be lulled off to sleep by the waterfall flowing over your caves entrance when you spend the night in a natural overhang. Drakensberg Adventures is our partner tour company which operates a variety of tours ideally suited to the backpacker's sense of adventure, itinerary and budget.


As we border directly onto the Drakensberg National Park there are almost limitless hiking trails leaving from your doorstep. Make the most of this unspoilt piece of nature which has many mountain river swimming spots, untouched indigenous forests and lovely waterfalls. Why not climb the Stromness mountain behind the lodge (+- 30 minute climb from the cold beer) and gain a different perspective. Truly immerse yourself in this special untouched part of our beautiful country.


Horse riding is available at the Sani Pass Hotel just 1km from Sani Lodge as well as on Seaforth Farm 3 kms from Sani Lodge. Our friendly reception will book this for you. If you are looking for a real pony trekking adventure, have a look at our pony trekking tours in Lesotho. These are offered by our partner tour company, Drakensberg Adventures.


A discipline which improves the resilience and well-being of the mind, body and soul. Stillness of the mind from focused concentration leads to a healthier state of being and improved quality of life overall. The exercises in yoga strengthen muscles, increase range of motion and mobility in joints and improve balance. Simone, the co-owner of Sani Lodge is a qualified Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher and Mindfulness practitioner. Join her for an hour's class at the beginning of the day, catering for both beginner and intermediate levels. Mats are provided. Yoga is fun!


You are on holiday so why not pamper yourself with a massage during your stay at Sani Lodge .  Our reception will organise a Certified Therapist to perform a treatment in the privacy and comfort of your cottage or room. Guests staying in a dorm room will be treated in a larger room elsewhere at the lodge. Choose from a full body hot rock massage to Indian head massage or back, neck and foot treatments. Marvellous and highly recommended!


The Underberg district is a well renowned trout fishing region. Visit our friendly reception to organise a morning or afternoon of fishing on our neighbour’s large trout stocked dam. Either bring your own rod or hire one there.


The mountain terrain is ideal for keen bikers to explore, offering gentle gradients with spectacular scenery, to the challenge of the famous Sani Pass into Lesotho, an ascent of 900 metres between the South African and Lesotho border posts. So, if it's the rush of adrenaline you're after or just a relaxing ride, bring your own bikes and set off from Sani Lodge for an unforgettable experience. As our land neighbours directly on to the World Heritage Site uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park, you can simply walk out the door of Sani Lodge and go for a run around our 2.5 km nature trail or run in the World Heritage Site. Check our page ‘local sporting events' for running and walking races you can participate in using Sani Lodge as the perfect base.

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The Drakensberg Mountains, besides their natural beauty, are home to one of the largest art galleries in the world. There are hundreds of painted rock overhangs or shelters, with literally thousands of individual paintings in them. This amazing treasure trove of art was left behind by the Bushmen who inhabited the Drakensberg for at least 10 000 years. Sadly, they are no longer with us, but their paintings are, and they provide not only much beauty and fascination, but also a glimpse of the inner workings of their compassionate and caring society. A fascinating day of discovery as you hike up to sandstone cliffs and literally walk back in time, with your knowledgeable guide narrating the intricacies of Bushmen life, culture and ingenious skills conveyed via artistic impressions of animals, people and mythology. The caves are inherently spiritual, adorned with lifelike shapes telling a story woven around the interaction of man in harmony with his natural surrounds.

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Our on site cafe offers a variety of affordable home made food, placing an emphasis on local produce from ethical sources. We produce all our own dairy products from our small herd of Jersey cows which include; butter, cream cheese, halloumi, feta, Gouda, yoghurt. We offer comprehensive breakfast options, a daytime menu and a three course set menu dinner each night. Advance booking essential for the night of your arrival.


Experience Fair Trade in Tourism in action. Our ground-breaking approach to grass-roots tourism means that our tour prices directly benefit a wide segment of the local community, preserving cultural dignity and ensuring fair remuneration for services rendered. “Sani Lodge Backpackers is the Silver Award Winner of African Responsible Tourism Award for Poverty Reduction 2018. Sani Lodge Backpackers and Drakensberg Adventures in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa has made a major contribution to local livelihoods and poverty reduction over many years. By involving Basotho stakeholders, they have created opportunities for communities to proudly showcase their unique cultural practices, engaging with guests in an authentic manner, thereby earning their respect. They are the future of tourism in Africa". ~ Judges


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