Sani Lodge Backpackers


Our fantastic location bordering the pristine Drakensberg National Park & World Heritage Site means we regularly have all manner of furry, feathered and spiky visitors.

Our Recent Favourite Sightings

Keep an eye out while you're here and there is a good chance you'll see some of these yourself.

Porcupine Pops Up

The Cape Porcupine is a big, nocturnal rodent that grows up to 80cm long and weighs up to 30kg. It's found in southern and eastern Africa's forests, savannahs, and outcrops. At Sani Lodge by night, lucky visitors may encounter these interesting creatures with black and white quills.

Super Rare Sighting

Did you know the South African bushpig is a fascinating animal found in southern and eastern Africa? They are nocturnal and omnivorous, with sharp senses of smell and hearing. Female bushpigs even form social groups to raise their young! While males prefer to be solo, bushpigs are still an important part of African folklore and hunted for their delicious meat. Unfortunately, thanks to habitat loss and hunting, their population is on the decline, which makes them quite a rare sighting.

Black Backed Jackal

Did you know that the black-backed jackal is a really interesting carnivore found in Sub-Saharan Africa? These guys are seriously tough - they can withstand extreme heat and have a unique way of communicating with each other through howls and yelps! Plus, they're not picky eaters - they're both opportunistic predators and scavengers who will even snack on fruits and insects! But what really fascinates me about these critters is their complex social structure - which is so interesting to observe.

Chacma Baboon

Did you know that the Chacma Baboon is a common sight around Sani Lodge? These intelligent primates are highly adaptable and can be found in a variety of habitats. They are social animals and live in troops of up to 100 individuals, with some troops even reaching up to 400 members. Chacma Baboons are omnivores, and their diet includes fruits, seeds, insects, and even small mammals. They are known for their hierarchical social structure, which is determined by size and strength. So next time you see a baboon around the lodge, remember to keep a safe distance and while you admire them!

Grey Rhebok

At Sani Lodge Backpackers, we are proud to share our home with a variety of wildlife, and one of our favorites is the Grey Rhebok antelope. These graceful creatures are unique in their climbing abilities, often seen scaling rugged mountainous terrain with ease. They are also known for their excellent eyesight, which helps protect them from predators like leopards and eagles. Interestingly, the males of the species have a distinctive black stripe along their backs, while the females do not. We love watching these beautiful animals as they roam freely in their natural habitat.

Mountain Reedbuck

As owners of Sani Lodge Backpackers, we are proud to have the Mountain Reedbuck antelope as one of our local wildlife residents. These graceful animals are found in mountainous regions of Southern Africa and may be spotted around our lodge much of the year. With their unique physical attributes such as curved horns and stiff white hairs on their rumps that stand out when excited (often seen when running away), these antelopes are a natural marvel to observe. Interestingly, Mountain Reedbucks are highly territorial and form small groups that consist of an adult male and a few females. If you are lucky, you may catch a sight of these beautiful creatures during your stay with us!

Water Mongoose

Have you heard of the Water Mongoose? It's one of the fascinating creatures you can spot while staying at Sani Lodge. These agile animals are excellent swimmers with webbed feet and can hold their breath for up to two minutes underwater. They live near freshwater habitats such as rivers and wetlands and feed on fish, crabs, and even small reptiles. Keep your eyes peeled for these clever critters during your stay at Sani Lodge!

Leguan Lizard

No, its not a crocodile! At Sani Lodge Backpackers, we're lucky to be surrounded by amazing wildlife, including the Leguan lizard. These stunning reptiles can grow up to one meter long and have a distinctive, flattened tail for swimming. They have sharp claws and powerful jaws, which they use to hunt for their favourite snacks like locusts and beetles. Leguan lizards are also known for their quick reflexes, which they use to escape predators like birds and snakes. We enjoy spotting these remarkable creatures on our walks around Sani Lodge and hope that our guests will get the chance to see them, too!