Sani Lodge Backpackers

In the Footsteps of Bushmen

A guided hike from Sani Lodge Backpackers to view bushman paintings in rock shelters.

Great Hike Amazing Rock Art 8 Hours Lunch Included


The Drakensberg Mountains, besides their natural beauty, are home to one of the largest art galleries in the world. There are hundreds of painted rock overhangs or shelters, with literally thousands of individual paintings in them. This amazing treasure trove of art was left behind by the Bushmen who inhabited the Drakensberg for at least 10 000 years. Sadly, they are no longer with us, but their paintings are, and they provide not only much beauty and fascination, but also a glimpse of the inner workings of their compassionate and caring society All rock art sites which fall within the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park are closed to the casual visitor and can only be visited by groups accompanied by approved guides. Our guides are all accredited, passionate and knowledgeable and can not only guide you to one of a number of unspoilt panels, but also fill you in on all the background to the Bushmen their history, lifestyle and culture as well as, the latest thinking on the art. This will greatly add to your understanding and enjoyment of the art. Tour price includes entry into the Maluti-Drakensberg National Park.


Experience Fair Trade in Tourism in action. Your tour price includes a contribution to the Sani Top Basotho community. Our ground-breaking approach to grass-roots tourism means that your tour price directly benefits a wide segment of the local community, preserving cultural dignity and ensuring fair remuneration for services rendered. “Sani Lodge Backpackers is the Silver Award Winner of African Responsible Tourism Award for Poverty Reduction 2018. Sani Lodge Backpackers and Drakensberg Adventures in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa has made a major contribution to local livelihoods and poverty reduction over many years. By involving Basotho stakeholders, they have created opportunities for communities to proudly showcase their unique cultural practices, engaging with guests in an authentic manner, thereby earning their respect. They are the future of tourism in Africa". ~ Judges


Departure from Sani Lodge (8.15 am)
We meet in near reception ten minutes prior to departure for a quick briefing and introduction to your guide.
The Hike
This is a moderate difficulty hike of around 14km with an altitude gain of around 250m. We take it slow, with lots of information stops and enjoyment of the surrounds. As well as experts on rock art, our guides also have a great knowledge of the mountains. Correct equipment is essential (see kit list).
The Paintings
Unlike many other rock art sites, we visit 3 separate panels within a 1km radius, all of which are viewed as the artist left them, no cages, no fences!! The panels are quite different and the main panel is quite extraordinary!!
Picnic Lunch
Return Journey
Our guides often use a different route to return, and you should be back at Sani Lodge around 3.30 – 4.30pm depending on the pace of the group.
‡Khomani Bushmen
Sadly, the Drakensberg Bushmen who made these paintings are no more. Instead, we have partnered with the ‡Khomani Bushmen of the Kalahari to allow ancient rock art bring modern benefits. A portion of your payment goes towards an eduicational program aimed at preserving the ‡Khomani language of N/u. We also support ‡Khomani crafters who make souvenir items which you receive at the end of the hike.

Are you interested to see where your money goes as well as a background to this fascinating community and their inspiring story?



Please note that the price quoted above is for tours running with a minimum of three guests. If you wish to do this tour with a group of less than three, there may be additional charges due to the fixed nature of certain costs.



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